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​SEND Local Offer

SEND (Special Educational needs and Disability) 

At Blue Pear Day Nursery we recognise that every child is unique. We endeavour to provide a warm and friendly environment to help all children reach their full potential. We aim to work closely with outside agencies and professionals as required to meet the specific needs of children. We will make reasonable adjustments where possible to accommodate children with specific needs. We are able to liaise with our SEN advisory team in our local authority who offer invaluable advise and support. 

Our building is wheelchair accessible and all children's rooms are on one level. Our main hall is spacious and free flowing to allow all children to navigate freely and access the resources available. During our sessions we provide visual timetables together with some sign language which is an aid for all the children as they develop their understanding and attention skills. 


Our nursery SENCo, supports children and staff in working together to welcome children with additional needs to the setting, and supports all children with their adjustment to every day routines.

If your child requires specific support for any additional needs, our nursery SENCo, together with parents, external professionals, and their key person, will construct a plan highlighting specific targets that we will work on together. This document is always shared and reviewed with parents and takes into account the advice and support of outside agencies or professionals involved with your child.

When your child is ready to start school we will liaise with your chosen facility and organise transition meetings where necessary to aid the transition process. Any paperwork such as outside agency reports or IEP's (individual education plans) will be passed on to the school with your permission. This information will be invaluable to schools to ensure they are aware of the support your child needs or they may need. 

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your child's needs.